Fad diets come and go but ‘Sustainability’, ‘Veganism’ and ‘Health’ are three macro trends that have continued to dominate innovation in the food and beverage (F&B) industry over the last few years. These macro trends largely influence the course that beverage manufacturing processes take.

More consumers are gravitating towards “plant-forward” lifestyles, and even those who aren’t vegan or vegetarian prefer the majority of their meals to be plant-based, as well as loaded with nutrients and medicinal value.

Before you start wondering why you’re reading about plant-based diets in a tea-related blog, let us remind you that iced tea devoid of milk is perhaps the only plant-based beverage that is relished by a large section of today’s population. We aren’t counting black iced coffee (does that even exist?!?).

In this regard, it is worthwhile to know that one such by-product of the three macro trends is the global shift from fizzy drinks to tea. All over the world, consumers are looking to reduce their intake of carbonated soft drinks (CSD’s) and cut down on alcohol. Mindful drinking is the trend now. And what better way to cool off and enter zen mode than by drinking a cup of ice tea?

Here are the predominant reasons behind cold brew teas fast becoming an alternative to high sugar soft drinks and alcoholic beverages:

Health Benefits:

  1. The innumerable benefits of green tea are known to almost everyone. Tea, in general, does not have man-made additives like soft drinks and soda do. Change the brew from hot brew to cold brew, and you benefit more – lesser tannins, lower levels of caffeine and oodles of health benefits.
  2. Black, oolong, white and green teas are loaded with polyphenols, plant-derived compounds, antioxidants that kickstart the immune system, protecting the body against diseases, including arthritis.
  3. Tea can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with cardiovascular disease, thereby promoting heart health.
  4. Polyphenols in tea are believed to induce certain tumour cells toward apoptosis or programmed cell death, thus helping in fighting cancer.
  5. Another benefit of green tea is that it improves bone quality and strength. Tea drinkers over the age of 50 years are 30% less predisposed to the risk of hip fractures.
  6. Green tea is also known to rejuvenate skin cells, promoting healthy skin cell growth, which could help wound healing and psoriasis.
  7. Ever felt that a cup of tea is all it takes to calm you down? Nope, It isn’t psychological! The antioxidant content in tea is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system.
  8. Drinking tea boosts the immunity of our body to react well against bacterial and viral infections, fighting off colds and flu.
  9. A common complaint among most women in today’s generation is PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder). Butterfly Pea flower is purported to help mitigate the symptoms of this. TeaPotion’s Blue Tea flavour of cold brew tea is the perfect solution.
  10. Wish to be hipper and healthier? Choose cold brew tea over a fizzy drink.

Tea Potions - Cold Brew Tea

Dietary Concerns:

Carbonated drinks are undoubtedly unhealthy, owing to the large amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners they contain. On the other hand, in plant-based drinks like tea and coffee, you can control the amount of sugar you add. Well, some tea connoisseurs go completely sugarless to relish the actual flavours of their tea and coffee. For those in the process of trying to give up sugar, cold brew tea is a great option. The resultant iced tea naturally sweet, and there isn’t the need to add refined sugar. A swirl of honey is just enough if you would like it sweeter!


One general consumer trend is the desire for clean, natural and real ingredients. This has fuelled the use of floral and fruity infusions in tea. A large number of products communicate natural flavours, targeting low-sugar and low-calorie demands or make use of seasonal goods by associating flowers/fruits to the time of year.

You can unlock a variety of flavours based on your mood and preference while making yourself a cup of cold brew ice tea. In the process of cold brew, lesser bitter-tasting chemicals are released, giving the tea will a sweeter taste and mild, delicate flavours.

Soothing for the Stomach:

You might already be aware that a mild cup of tea helps with soothing an upset stomach. However, many feel that the milk in tea troubles the already week stomach. Hot black tea, on the other hand, is too strong for stomach bugs and many tend to get acidity from drinking it. The solution for this – a nice cup of cold brew tea – mild in flavour, cooling and soothing!

Hydrating Effects:

Drinking cups of organic cold brew ice tea through the day is a great and delicious way to enable more water to enter the system. There’s an old myth that the caffeine in tea dehydrates you, but Science shows quite the opposite. Tea, in fact, is very hydrating since it is 99% water after all!

From one tea lover to another, here’s a tip to remember – try not to drink tea during mealtime (before, during or after), as it has compounds which can inhibit the absorption of vital nutrients including iron. 

Unleash the benefits of drinking a cup of cold brew tea over unhealthier options. Buy your very own TeaPotion’s brew bag today!


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